Why me? Explained....

It is no big secret there are a LOT of photographers out there. I am lucky to know quite a few talented ones myself. The question then becomes, what makes me stand out from all the rest out there? I've spent a few years pondering this myself as I go along learning and growing, and I've come to these conclusions about myself and about my work that I now would like to share with you.....

1.) There are a lot of "pretty pictures" out there. I'm not sure if all my work can be described as "pretty," but I am 100% sure each and every one of my pictures shows the true heart and soul of the person, moment or my perspective of the scene (in cases of my fine artwork.) My number one goal is for the person viewing my photographic work to get "the feels."

This artistic portrait is not glamourous by any means, but the model and I truly had a moment while shooting and he truly connected. Not just with the camera, but with me and his surroundings.


When it comes to lifestyle photography, I love to get lost in a moment. While both father and daughter are not looking at the camera, there is a truly beautiful moment happening here...


One thing I always hear about brides on their wedding day is that they were so busy and feel like they missed out on a lot going on during the whole magnificent day. It is my mission to bring all those amazing missed moments to the bride through my wedding photography.

reception1 - Copy.jpg

2.) Why do I shoot so much in black and white? I get asked that alot. As mentioned above, I am all about "the feels," and what better way to convey emotion than to block out all distractions and just see expression, body language and contrast? That doesn't mean I don't throw some color in the mix though!

There is alot of play with color in my fine art photography. I love to show what I call the everyday extraordinary. This rusted out '37 Chevy is just that....


And sometimes, it's all about little colorful nuances that truly set up the scene.....


3.) You might just find that the REAL you, the one you don't always show, has a way of popping out in my photographs.

There are tons of cute baby pictures, but I adore the ones that show the emerging personality.

lillian -3.jpg

and I am a big fan of people who are not afraid to be a little vulnerable. It can be absolutely beautiful.


4.) Finally, one of the best compliments is when I hear, "Wow! I look AMAZING!" The secret really isn't in photoshop, it's about finding my clients inner beauty and projecting it in photographs.

Here's a selfie. I don't spend copius amounts of time post processing, so I'm always looking for that special angle, lighting and spark in the eye...


So there you have it. A little bit more about me and my work. I know there are so many choices for photographers out there, and so I am always honored when I can connect with someone who is looking for a unique experience. If you too like "the feels" from photograhy, I'd love to work with you!

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